Storming Of Thunder Ridge: 10 Week Plan - Survive 100 Miles

Peaks Power Challenge - Survive 100 miles - SOTR (Storming of Thunder Ridge) - Lynchburg, VA

This plan is for the beginner cyclist with 10-12 hours to train each week who wants to complete the 100 mile SOTR ride. It is made to progressively work all the energy systems so that you'll be able to survive the distance with endurance and get over the steep hills along the way. Hunter Allen, CEO/Founder of the Peaks Coaching Group is your coach along the way and he designed this plan with all of the years of experience that goes into each of his custom plans built for riders of all levels. With tips along the way, workouts to challenge you and keep you motivated, you'll arrive at the event ready to easily survive the challenge!


Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: Other

Welcome to your first week of training for theSOTR (Storming of Thunder Ridge! You are going to love this plan! It's going to prepare you for the challenge of the hills, the mountains, the rough roads along with making sure you complete the event! You have a big task ahead to finish the 100 mile ride, but you can do it! It's a great goal something to shoot for along with just going out and enjoying the day! Let me introduce myself, I am Hunter Allen, the CEO/Founder of Peaks Coaching Group and proud sponsor of the SOTR I'll be along with you in this adventure and I have put all of my years of coaching experience into this plan, so that you will achieve your goal! Week 1 is about getting on the bike and beginning to build some muscular adaptation to cycling and base endurance. As you progress through this plan you'll be challenged and it will not come easy, but when the day comes, you'll be more than prepared for SOTR. This training plan, if you follow it well, will bring you to a high level of fitness and also prepare you with some incredible muscular strength, muscular endurance and brutal VO2 max workouts all designed to make your ride the best yet! Let me know if you have any questions and issues! Please email and I'll make sure you are set!

Workout #2: Other

IMPORTANT: Watch the attached video on how to set your FTP in Training Peaks as this will allow you to continually update your training zones Follow this link for the video:

Workout #3: Bike


Workout #4: Bike

Planned Time: 2:00:00

WU: Warm up for 20+ minutes of riding, starting out at PW:Level 1 or HR: Zone 1 and moving into PW: Level 2 or HR: Zone 2. During warm-up completed 3 x 1 minute efforts of “fast pedaling” at a 110 RPM cadence or above. MS#1 – Once warmed up, completed a 5 minute effort at your perceived threshold. This is a hard effort but not all out. Should be hard to breathe but not leave you breathless. Once complete, ride in your PW: Level 1 or HR: Zone 1 for 10 minutes, spinning and recovering then move to MS#2 MS#2 – TEST. Now that you are fully open and warmed up, let’s go for a killer 20 minute test result. Find a long stretch of road or preferably a low grade climb where you can ride for 20 minute without interruption. Start your lap function and KILL IT! Really go hard here, but don’t start too hard! A secret tip: hold back a little bit in the first 2-3 minutes then really push! Let your body prepare to handle the lactate generated by this type of effort. Make sure you are recording power, heart rate and or distance so we can measure results. CD: Spin for 15 easy minutes to shake off the pain! Note: if you already know your FTP, then do this workout instead. ======================= WU:15 minutes steady MS: 5 x 1 minute fast pedals- over 110rpm with 1 minute recovery. Then do 3 x 15 minutes at 88-93% of threshold, right in your sweet spot. Rest for 5 minutes easy between each. Then finish with 45 minutes at 76-80% of FTP. Nice tempo, but not hard. CD: 15 minutes.

Workout #5: Bike

Planned Time: 1:30:00

WU: 10 Minutes working Endurance (PW:Level 2 / HR: Zone 2 / PE: 4-5) with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs MS: Today is simple, ride prescribed time in the ENDurance Zone (PW: Level 2 / HR: Zone 2 / PE: 4-5). Vary cadence throughout ride and work on pedaling form. Practice “coming over the top” and “pulling through the bottom” of the pedal. Enjoy the day!! Terrain: Flat to Rolling; Cadence: 85 - 105.

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