Peaks Coaching Group Power Course - 2.5 Day Seminars


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USA Cycling Power Certification Course taught by Hunter Allen and Dr. Stephen McGregor.   

Learn all that you need to know to become a certified USA Cycling Coach in Power Training.


This class will take you from the basics of power training to the latest in power training including concepts like FRC and Power Duration Curve.  Dr. McGregor will teach you the science behind training with power with exercise physiology concepts that will allow you to understand the theory behind the training with power principles.   Hunter will teach you how to effectively coach with power along with planning an athlete’s peak.   We will use TrainingPeaks web and WKO4 software for the software analysis portions of the class.     


In partnership with USA Cycling, the Peaks Coaching Group Power Course teaches you how to coach using a power meter and follows the USA Cycling Power Curriculum, allowing coaches the opportunity to become USA Cycling Power Certified Coaches once they pass the USA Cycling Power Certification Test. This course takes you from the basics of power training like training zones, normalized power, and testing to advanced concepts like the Performance Manager, Functional Reserve Capacity, and the Power Duration Curve.  Included will also be a section on indoor training and how to get the best out of your athletes this winter. Along the way, you'll learn about  all the power meters on the market and key characteristics of each and how they work. Testing protocols will extensively explained along with the exercise physiology behind power training. The new power metrics like FRC (functional reserve capacity), Pmax, mFTP, along with all the new pedaling metrics, such as Gross Power Released, will also be taught and explained so that you can easily understand them and use with your clients.

The instructors for these courses will be Hunter Allen, Dr. Stephen McGregor. These instructors created the USAC Power Certification Program in 2005 and have continually evolved and improved the program to include the most current and cutting edge power training tools and information

Upon conclusion of the two-day course, you'll be given access to the power certification test, which will include sample data to analyze, a training plan to build using the power training principles, and a multiple choice questions on the material covered. This is one of the most comprehensive and knowledge packed coaching clinics available. Plan on learning!




Each course requires a minimum of 15 attendees to conduct the seminar

This course does not give you the certification, only once you pass the test, do you earn it!    

Submitting your Test is an additional $149. 

Meals: We will provide pizza on Sunday only. Attendees are responsible for meals. Many local restaurants are available within walking distance. In Bedford we have a Brewery next door. 



5:30pm - Check-in

6:00pm-7:00pm - WKO+ Computer Setup - Remember to bring your laptop

7:00pm-9:00pm - Introduction to power training: What is power? The science behind power training. Basic definitions. Power Profile: how to test for your Power Profile? Sample power file from testing. - Dr. Stephen McGregor.


8:30-11:30am - Power Tools: Explanations of the hardware and software involved in training with a power meter. - Hunter Allen

11:30-11:45am - Short break

11:45-1:00pm - Power training: Your Training Zones, TSS, NP, IF and more in depth terms and definitions. - Dr. Stephen McGregor
1:00-2:00pm - Lunch on your own
2:00-3:30pm - Power Analysis Part 1: How to analyze power data at the big picture level. Which charts are important to use and understand for the athlete over a season(s). Extensive case studies on different cyclists (MTB, Road, CX, etc) using the new WKO4 software.
3:30-3:45pm - Short break
3:45-5:00pm - Beyond Average Power: Quadrant Analysis, Strength Endurance, etc. - Dr. Stephen McGregor


8:30-10:00am - New metrics in power training: FRC, Pmax, mFTP, Left /Right pedaling data - Hunter Allen
10:00-10:15am - Short break
10:15-11:30am - Training plan development using wattage: Taking your workouts and developing a sample training plan based on different athlete scenarios. - Dr. Stephen McGregor
11:30-11:40am - Short break

11:45-1:00pm - Interpreting the data: Tracking changes over time and individual file analysis, sample files, what do the interval shapes mean. Linking ranges, how to analyze different disciplines. -  Hunter Allen

1:00-1:30pm - Lunch: Pizza provided
1:30-3:00pm - How to Peak: What is fitness? What is the PMC? Understanding how TSS can help predict a peak of fitness. - Dr. Stephen McGregor and Hunter Allen

3:00-3:30pm – Questions/Review


February 23-25, 2018 Colorado Springs, Colorado – Held at USA Cycling headquarters.  


Coaches will be awarded 10 CEUs for completion of any of the power based training courses and/or the successful completion of the Power Certification Test.


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