The products you will find in our store are personally used by Hunter Allen and Peaks Coaching Group coaches throughout their power training and racing. Peaks Coaching Group fully supports all products sold here and we hope that you will find many of the items useful to your training and racing. Be sure to check back often for new products and sales!

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    Life Fitness IC8 Indoor Cycle Bicycle Coach Webinar Peaks Coaching Group Power Course - 2.5 Day Seminars
    Life Fitness IC8 Indoor CycleHunter Allen Power Based Training Certification Webinar SeriesPeaks Coaching Group Power Course - 2.5 Day Seminars

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    Beginning May 8, 2018

    Date and Location





    Bicycle Coach Webinar Bicycle Coach Cutting-Edge Cycling Honey Stinger Chews
    LEOMO Motion Analysis Certification Online CourseCutting-Edge Cycling - Signed CopyHoney Stinger Organic Waffles - Box

    Beginning May 1, 2018

    Hunter Allen &
    Stephen S. Cheung, PhD

    16 Count Box




    Salted Caramel - Gluten Free

    Cinnamon - Gluten Free

    Wildflower Honey - Gluten Free





    Honey Stinger Chews Honey Stinger Gels Cycling Coaching Epic: 12 Week Winter
    Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews - BoxHoney Stinger Organic Energy Gels - Box3.1 - EPIC: WINTER - Foundation 12 Weeks Adv Riders

    12 Count Box

    6 Delicious Flavors:

    Fruit Smoothie 


    Orange Blossom

    Pomegranate Passion

    Lime Ade

    Cherry Blossom

    24 Count Box

    3 Great Flavors

    Mango Orange

    Fruit Smoothie


    Written by Hunter Allen




    Cycling Coaching Premium Fitness Electrostimulator Bicycle Coach Training and Racing with a Power Meter - 2nd Edition Cycling Coaching Power Threshold: 8 Weeks to an Awesome TT
    Globus Premium Fitness Electrostimulator Training and Racing with a Power Meter - 2nd Edition -SignedZWIFT SEASONAL: WINTER - 12 Weeks Int/Adv

    Hunter Allen &
    Andrew Coggan, PhD

    Written by Hunter Allen




    CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainer Skratch Anytime Hydration
    CycleOps Fluid2 TrainerCycleOps Magnus Smart TrainerSkratch Anytime Hydration







    Skratch Hyper Hydration Mango Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar
    Skratch Hyper Hydration MangoSkratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar