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We have the lowest online prices in the WORLD! GLOBUS has been one of the leaders in Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Sport Training for over 30 years. With its high technological and scientific competence, it offers reliable products for evaluation, electrostimulation and electrotherapy. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a tool to complement training and recovery.  Many have heard about EMS for rehabilitation but few have heard how valuable it can be to compliment training and to speed up recovery from rigorous training rides and races.  


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The brain sends electrical impulses through the nerves to obtain voluntary muscle contractions. EMS mimics these impulses, and acting on the same nerves innervating a muscle, triggers an involuntary contraction. Because our muscles are composed of different types of fibers - slow twitch and fast twitch fibers - EMS electrical impulses can trigger different types of contraction. By harnessing these differences EMS machines can tweak muscle work toward slow twitch or fast twitch work.

The muscles can be fine-tuned for specific goals.  The EMS unit can increase muscle size by using the strength or endurance mode as well as accelerate recovery from strenuous training by using the active recovery mode and avoid next-day muscle soreness. 

EMS is not simple and has to be done correctly. Using a professional machine, the correct stimulation programs, and consulting with a coach with experience in EMS are the best formula for success.



By Bill McLaughlinPCG Elite Coach

I had just completed my best race season to date and was really excited to take my training and racing to the next level the following season. Life was good until I went to my routine visit to my spinal surgeon (I had a dislocated and fractured vertebrae  4 years prior)  and he announced that the once stable vertebrae had moved and was now unstable, so he recommended  a spinal fusion.  I was crushed…and the thought of having surgery and totally losing all my new fitness and muscular strength over the winter was depressing.  I had always been intrigued by EMS (electro muscular stimulation) and started researching the product to see if it could help me maintain muscle mass during my after surgery recovery time.   After checking with my surgeon and getting his approval, I purchased the Globus Premium Sport unit. 

Well it certainly made the after surgery recovery period more interesting as well as beneficial.  I had my Globus Premium Sport unit in full swing, using it like a periodized weight training plan. I would do my legs 3 days a week with endurance strength mode and I followed that for a set time and then I increased the levels as I could handle them. Next, I moved on to muscular strength and then explosive strength. After each EMS “workout” I would warm down with the active recovery feature, which is one my favorite features on the unit.   It is like have having your own massage therapist, available any time of the day!  It really helped to flush the waste products from the muscle and speed up my recovery time.  After using the Globus unit faithfully after my surgery, in just two months, I had gained ¼ inch on my quads!  Of course, my aerobic fitness was close to nonexistent, but muscularly I could push the pedals and felt great. As I eased back onto the trainer and into my regular routine,  I found that my FTP hadn’t dropped very much and within no time I was on my way back to my normal training.  My surgery was in November, and by April I competed in a 45+ Time Trial and place 6thin a crowded strong field. I credited my success to maintaining muscle mass with my Globus. 

I continue to use my Globus unit regularly.  After all of my hard training rides and races I use the recovery mode and I honestly feel that I recover better and more quickly.  Especially now that I hit 50, recovery is crucial and the Globus can give me that extra edge that I need.