All types of packages and options for different athlete's needs. Our PCG nutritionists can guide you to eating the right foods and drinks, and eating them at the correct time for the best results and performance. This is the secret to finding your spot on the podium! Trim off a few pounds or just eat smarter and your watts per kilograms will go up! Before you know it, you will be on the podium!


    NUTRITION COACHING – All nutrition coaching packages include a consultation and assessment with a PCG Nutritionist. From there, your custom plan will be built and emailed to you daily. Each package includes plan edits, phone calls, emails, bike hydration and nutrition, recipes, and grocery lists! This is for the athlete who is ready to take their training to the NEXT level!

    BUILD YOUR OWN – New to our nutrition program, the build your own training plan is a semicustom plan available for the self-motivated athlete who is looking for some guidance. After a consultation and assessment, a PCG nutritionist will set you up with calorie and macro nutrient breakdowns. You’ll record your eating habits for a week, speak with the nutritionist once more, and receive advice on how to tweak your habit to achieve your goals!

    CONSULTATIONS – Pick an option that fits your needs and pick a nutritionists brain! Whether it’s general nutrition advice, or specific such as on-the-bike nutrition, our PCG Nutritionists are here to help! Come prepared with those questions!

    CRASH COURSE – New to our program, this allows you to have a quick course on the best nutrition for an endurance athlete. A PCG Nutritionist will meet with you one-on-one and present for 45 minutes, allowing 15 minutes for Q&A.

    NUTRITION PLANS – Our premade plans are the perfect route for someone looking to improve their nutrition. Our plans provide grocery lists and new meal ideas for peak performance! We have a variety of plans from vegetarian to race day and more!