Peaks Coaching Group was established in 1996 by former professional cyclist Hunter Allen to provide stellar power coaching to endurance athletes of all levels. PCG has become and remains a leader in the endurance athlete power training industry, offering support and education in many different areas of fitness, nutrition, and life skills. PCG strives to provide the best coaching service possible in the timeliest manner and to instill confidence and motivation.

PCG coaches are located around the world, all with great achievements in their respective sports and all with the desire to pass on their valuable knowledge and insight through coaching. All PCG coaches are certified, complete intensive training directly from Hunter, and follow his coaching methods. Each one’s driving purpose is to help you achieve your goals, not only in cycling or an endurance sport, but in other areas of life, as well. In addition to designing a training program tailored specifically to your own unique needs and goals, your coach will offer assistance in nutrition, sports psychology, equipment fit and selection, and technical skills.

PCG is THE expert in training with a power meter. Others may claim to be, but only PCG has been coaching athletes with power meters from the beginning. Founder Hunter Allen is also co-developer of Training Peaks’ WKO, the premier software for power analysis, and PCG continues to lead in articles about training with power, power seminars, and power coaching. 


To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.



  • DATA DRIVEN TRAINING– We are the leaders in power training for cyclists and triathletes. Whether you are using power, heart rate and or perceived exertion, PCG is all about analyzing data utilizing our proprietary training system to improve your cycling results.  
  • GET RESULTS EFFICIENTLY- No wasted training hours, you can step up to the podium and still have time for life.
  • LEARN FROM THE BEST– Our coaches goes through a rigorous PCG training program  combined with USAC/USAT certification. In addition, all coaches are involved in ongoing training programs focused on keeping them on the leading edge.
  • LONGEVITY- We care about your success! Peaks Coaching Group's athletes stay with their coaches! We have the longest client longevity in the business; our average client stays with us for over 18 months!
  • NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS- Peaks Coaching Group has no contract, just a simple 30 day cancelation. Why? We believe you should stay with your coach because of the success not a contract!
  • YOU WILL IMPROVE- Some athletes see incredible increases in threshold power, but even the well trained athlete will improve 10 - 15% in power numbers, typically across all systems.