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The second edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Dr. Andrew R. Coggan was released in the first week of May 2010. The first edition (published in 2006) has become THE reference guide on training and racing with a power meter. The second edition promises to become the new reference guide!

The second edition adds three new chapters to the book (including "Power Tools" and "Developing Your Power-Based Training Plan") and many updates. The larger format and new, easy-to-understand charts make this book a must have for all power meter users or anything thinking about starting to train with power. A full chapter on triathlons will help triathletes understand key principles on utilizing a power meter for training and racing at their chosen distance. Creating your peak of fitness at the time that you want it is detailed in the "Performance Manager" chapter. Allen and Coggan reveal the critical things you need to know in order to come onto “form” when you want to. A new training plan has been added to help guide you in the last eight weeks prior to your A event, and an easy-to-read menu of workouts allows you to choose the best workout for the day; this addition alone is worth it! If you have the first edition, you’ll want the second edition to help keep you at the top of your fitness.


Hunter Allen is a USA Cycling Level 1 Cycling Coach, owner of the Peaks Coaching Group, and former professional cyclist with the Navigators Team. He has been coaching endurance athletes of varied experience levels since 1995. His athletes have achieved more than 600 victories, including numerous national championship titles and medals. Hunter is considered a world authority on training with power meters. He has gained many years of experience in their usage as a training tool, having studied over 3000 power meter files and has furthered the capabilities of power meter software based on this analysis. Hunter taught the first official power meter certification course to USA Cycling coaches in December 2005, along with his coauthor Dr. Andrew Coggan. 

Andrew Coggan, PhD, is an internationally renowned exercise physiologist. Coggan has published numerous scientific articles on a diverse range of topics, including the effects of carbohydrates on cycling performance, physiological adaptations to endurance training, and the effects of aging on muscle metabolism during exercise. A national-caliber masters cyclist, Coggan is also widely recognized as one of the leading experts on the use of power meters in training. 


This DVD is perfect for after your rides or races. Come back from your ride, pop in the DVD, and loosen those tight muscles, revive your back, and create more suppleness to enhance recovery. Hunter guides you through his series of yoga poses designed specifically to address the needs of cyclists and triathletes. Still images of each pose give the viewer a good look at what they’re going for. Hunter’s guidance and a relaxing soundtrack complete the experience. We hope you enjoy the benefits of yoga and incorporate it into your training program.

As a coach, Hunter makes sure to look at an athlete as a whole person and excels at designing custom programs that maximize an athlete’s potential. “I believe we are human beings working closely with other human beings, and it’s important that, as a coach, I work hard to find your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve your skills, then develop a realistic plan that works for life.”


Recovery is a major component of any athlete's training plan, and that's why Hunter Allen has practiced yoga for more than ten years. After exploring it for himself, he put together a series of poses targeted specifically for cyclists. At his groundbreaking power camps in the late 1990s, Hunter began integrating yoga into his post-ride routine with his athletes. The response was overwhelming. Campers loved it, and yoga has been a component of Peaks Coaching Group power camps ever since. After much prodding from his athletes, Hunter decided it was time to videotape the routine to share with cyclists everywhere. Here it is.


Hunter Allen is widely known as one of the top experts in the world in coaching endurance athletes using power meters. His goal has always been to teach athletes how to maximize their training and racing potential through professional analysis of their power data. He has become USA Cycling's go-to guy on the subject of power training.



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