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Cycling Coaching Camps Winter Power Foundation Building Camp Cycling Coaching Camps
Advanced Training with Power CampWinter Power Foundation Building CampHigh Mileage Spring Camp

October 22 - 25, 2015
Bedford, VA 

January 24 - 29, 2016
Temecula, CA

March 13 - 19, 2016
Mallorca, Spain 

Cycling Coaching Camps Power Coaching Camps
Training & Racing with a Power Meter CampCustom Camps

April 17 - 22, 2016
Bedford, VA 

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"A special thanks to Hunter and Tim along with their excellent staff for a fantastic experience at this year's Spring Training camp. They put on a first class event, totally exceeded my expectations. I have participated in many camps with other organizations in the past and I must say the PCG put on one of, if not the best, camp I have been to.  The on bike and and class room instruction was highly educational as well as very fun. Riding with former pro Scott Moninger was very special. Even though I have been riding and racing for many years I learned a tremendous amount of new information. The riding in and around the Blue Ridge mountain is spectacular. I am very much looking forward to returning for another camp, hopefully next year. Thanks again Hunter!" - Brian Fryar, Blue Ridge 2015

"The Peaks Coaching Group Blue Ridge camp was an absolutely incredible experience! Bedford is beautiful. I learned so much from the coaches who are the best -- extremely knowledgeable and accomplished; it was an honor to ride with them. From interesting power and nutrition presentations to sprinting practice, race tactics, climbing, descending, breathtaking mountain views, yoga, massages, recovery shakes, delicious meals and fun camp comrade, it was perfect. Everything was very professional and well organized. Definitely a must do!" - Lisa Weiss, Blue Ridge 2015

"Whether one consciously does so or not, we gauge the value of our experience against money spent. I've spent an all-expenses-paid, invitational week in an Olympic Training Camp and didn't receive the personalized attention, positive encouragement, specific skills training and diversity of riding that I did with PCG. There is no substitute for training with those at the top of the sport, such as Hunter, Tim, Scott, Stephen. They don't just ride with you, they make every ride you do better!" - Brian Wacik, PCG Athlete and Blue Ridge Camper 2015

"One on One time with Hunter was invaluable. Coaches were good, communicated well and very knowledgeable. Location was excellent and overall level of mileage and variability of terrain and ride groups was just right. Overall it was a high class operation and a great experience." – Michael Joseph, Mallorca 2014

"If you're considering attending a camp this year, or are thinking ahead to next season, and want to learn more about training with a power meter you would be hard pressed to find a better camp than at Peaks Coaching Group. Hats off to Hunter and his entire crew for creating a memorable first Virginian experience for me. I had a great time at camp and have no doubt that anyone who loves riding a bike with a great group of people, in an amazing part of the world with top notch coaches would share my sentiments." The complete review. – Justin Henkel, PowerTap Product Manager